How Much Does a Gorilla Tour Cost


To many visitors to Uganda, Seeing mountain gorillas in Africa is one of the top tourist attractions that is cherished by every travelers to the continent. As one of the most incredible wildlife experiences found in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, it’s believed that only 900 endangered living mountain gorillas live in the three countries. The Unique opportunity of seeing gorillas in their natural home comes with some total gorilla safari cost that surprise tourists at the time of inquiry and booking. Gorilla permits, accommodation, transport, tourist Visa and tour expert are the five things that confuse tourists wondering why gorilla safari prices are high or low.

Gorilla Permits

When planning a gorilla trekking safari in Africa, it’s very essential to first book your gorilla permits with your right tracking dates before any other thing for the safari because a slight change in your tracking dates can change your travel plans and even affects your Air ticket dates. If you to track gorillas in Rwanda, gorilla permits cost $1500, $600 for Uganda and $400 for Congo. In Rwanda if you explore more other national parks of Nyungwe forest and Akagera, you get 30% Discount. Other discounts follow you if you visit Uganda and Congo in low season months. Though gorilla tracking is known by many travelers across the globe, very few have been able to experience the lifetime wildlife encounter of meeting gorillas face to face in the jungle forest. However, the cost of your gorilla safari tour in Africa depends on the choice of the gorilla trekking destination.

Tourist Visa

The majority of tourist visas can be obtained at either the boarder or international airport upon arrival and tourist  to Africa on gorilla tracking tours are advised to budget for the cost of a tourist visa at the time of trip planning so that it doesn’t come by surprised. Rwanda tourist visa go for $30, Congo tourist visa go for $100 and Uganda tourist visa go for $50 all valid for a period of 90 days. However, some travelers don’t need tourist visas to Rwanda but they must have one for Uganda or Democratic Republic of Congo if they are to track mountain gorillas in Bwindi Forest national park, Mgahinga national Park and Virunga National park.

Gorilla Safari Transport

No matter where you track gorillas in Africa, your transport means will be of key importance to your safety and leisure. There are many ways of transportation for gorilla safari tours and each depends on the tourist interest and budget. The majority of tourist use safari land cruisers with a pop up ideal for photography and wildlife viewing. Its also the best safari vehicle if you going to explore other wildlife parks in the country. Some tourists feel comfortable to go on a self driving trip, some backpacking and others flying to and from gorilla park. Be sure that all gorilla safari means of transport cost differently and are charged per day. One on a flying safari must pay a higher gorilla safari price than the one using a private safari landcruiser.Ans still the one on self drive pays much more than the one on a backpacking trip.

Gorilla Safari Accommodations

All gorilla national parks, Virunga, Bwindi, Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Kahuzi Biega offer variety of accommodation facilities to all types of visitor’s luxury and budget. The choice depends on the traveler and interest but variety is surely available for everyone. Make a right choice of your gorilla safari accommodation and sleep in comfort a night before you ultimate wildlife experience in Africa. The time is now to enjoy the life time experience since it’s anticipated to more expensive in the future.


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