Get Discounted Uganda Gorilla Permits for 2017-2019

Bwindi Mountain Gorilla

Is gorilla tracking top on your bucket list this year, next year or the other year and you want to track mountain gorillas with discounted gorilla permits? Uganda  also known as the pearl of Africa is the only place  to be  where huge discounts are given to all tourists  for the months of April, May and November. The introductions of discounts on gorilla permits make gorilla tours cheap and affordable for many travelers not only in low season but all year.

Be one of those to track mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park by reserving your gorilla permit in time among the 120 gorilla permits sold per day by Uganda Wildlife Authority in both parks with only 8 in Mgahinga and the rest for Bwindi impenetrable. It’s during the low season when budget travelers explore the beautiful country of Uganda and experience the top tourist’s attractions without spending much. However, all tourists planning to track gorillas on budget in Africa, low season months are the best.

Forget the belief that low season months in Uganda are rainy seasons when roads are impassable and forest jungles are too muddy because it’s the opposite. Rainy seasons in Uganda are not actually rain seasons but they are just like other months of the year because it rains on just specific days and at times you may spend a full week without seeing any drop of rain. So go ahead and plan your Uganda gorilla safari tour at cheapest rates for low season that are a result of discounted gorilla permits.

The other advantage of tracking gorillas in low season months is that many tourists tend skip eyes off this period so few of them visit the country for gorilla tourism hence getting a chance to experience a marvelous feeling   in the entire jungle forest. April, May and November are the only months when gorilla permits in Uganda cost $450 per trek from the usual price of $600.Foreign tourists save $150  per trek a good amount to cater for other travel essentials like accommodation and transport. For those foreigners living in Uganda with work permit, gorilla permits cost only $400 for low season. Comparing Uganda gorilla permit prices with that of Rwanda another gorilla tracking destination in the region that sales permits at $1500 all year without low season. Uganda is simply a perfect place for cheap gorilla safari tours in Africa for all kinds of travelers- Budget and luxury.

While in Uganda, there is much more to see and experience including wildlife, chimpanzees, monkeys, culture, landscape, lakes, falls, Birds, mountains, among others. Amazingly even accommodation facilities in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park offer discounts to tourists during low season and it’s another factor that make Uganda gorilla tours cheap and unforgettable. Get a life changing experience with gorillas in Bwindi forest and Mgahinga on your gorilla trekking safari in Africa and save big for the future.


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